universal window rolling up one way car alarm

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car window rolling up / car alarm with window rolling up / universal car alarm

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • remote progarm function
  • Ultrasonic function option
  • window rolling up function
  • low power
  • 6tone horn sound

Product Details

we are a professional automobil accessory manufacturer & exporter in china , Integrating research, design, production, export and service, which specialize in various range items concerning car alarm system , remote controller, keyless entry, motorcycle alarm system , parking sensor system , power window , central control door lock , HID lamp and another components. It is abailable to execute modern production line to finish manufacture shedule due to own high-technology equipment in workshop, such as plastic injection machines, SMT machine, Test machine etc, in addition, for excellent product quality system, we have experienced workmen and professional engineer and designer to confirm your satisfaction. To expand international market and create product brand, we have promoted ourself exterior brand (CARSFORM) to develop more market share ago, and it is well distributed into southeast Asia,middle east,South America and European market


Warning by sound and light 

Remote door lock & unlock

Ultrasonic sensor equipment (optional)trigger warning

Trigger memory

Edging cut off when in arm

Central door lock automatic

Overtake warning


Re-arm & Auto alarm

Parking on roadside warning

Trunk release and window closer (optional)

LED light on to warning 

Electric lock/pneumatic lock option

Car finding 

Silent alarm

Car washing mode

Research and development can be provided

Support OEM/ODM 

Main Unit:

Output current: signal light: 5A*2, siren 10A, central lock 10A

Coding: learning code

Static current: <15mA (except indictor, sensor)

Indicator current: 20mA intermittently

Shock sensor current: <1mA

Zhongshan Changfan Auto Securit y Equipment Co.,Ltd

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Telephone: +86-15089962617

Landline: +86-760-22111804

Company Address: No.20 Lesheng Sourthern Road Xiaolan Town Zhongshan City GuangDong China


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