Two Way LCD Vehicle Car Alarm code grabbers and remote keyless entry

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 868mhz FSK rolling code
  • low power 27A buttery(half year standby)
  • supper long control range 10k meter
  • universal type for any & easy install
  • LCD Program remote controller

Product Details

10k report car remote code grabber    

Product Description

1. 10k report car remote code grabber price 
3.used for all the car model 
4.remote smart engine start 
5.reaction fast 


       Welcome to our alibaba store,we are CARSFORM TEAM . Our factory professional produce one way,two way,smart phone car alarm ,parking sensor,keyless entry,central door lock,power window,car daytime light .High quality,reasonable price ,excellent service. Your saticfaction is our goal.  


                  433mhz  FSK DC12V GSM Russia manual car alarm system with two remotes smart security fast  LCD remote control universal hot sell 




The function description:


1.Control central door locking Lock/unlock . 


2.Third channel:can connect difference parts of function.


3.parking mode; washing mode.


5.Silent alarm.


6.shock sensor setting.


7.Car washing mode.


8.Enquiry mode 


9.The second channel(can program).


10 .Trunk release.


11.FSK Rolling Code LCD remoter


12.GSM two way car alarm.


FM remote start engine two way car alarm system  CA001TW

1.Remote side door lock & unlock via different channels .

2.10000 m remote distance, an 20000m response distance.

3.Self-test function.

4.Power window rolling up intelligent

5.Central door lock automatic,fit for all kinds of lock. hood and trunk available

6.Multi-channel,car light,dome light delay.

7.Two-stage shock sensor

8.Temperature display

9.Protect the system when voltage too much.

10.Can set the timely or delay remote engine starting when low temperature.  

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