Passive Keyless Entry Auto alarm ignition Toyota Remote controller

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • RFID auto lock & unlock
  • Toyota transmitter remote engine start
  • USA import relay for starter
  • high quality button for strong press
  • pure copper for safety starter wire

Product Details



One button engine start and stop

Remote start engine

Trunk release

Window close

Re-arm, auto alarm 


LED light on for warning

Warning by sound and light

Central door lock automatic

Remote door lock/unlock

Original car remote control engine start

PKE keyless entry

Engine cut off when in arm

Emergency override

Vehicle dipped headlight, width modulation control connection

Parking on roadside warning

Car finding

Passive alarm when brake or the speed up to20 km

Research and development can be provided

Supports OEM/ODM orders

Accessories list:

1 piece main unit

2 pieces remote control (optional)

1 piece push start button

1 piece siren

2 pieces antenna


User manual

Gift box

Zhongshan Changfan Auto Securit y Equipment Co.,Ltd

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